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How to get Victini in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

Here, we’ll break down the steps needed to catch Victini for the Pokemon Sword and Shield Competition. Both live and online participants at the upcoming Pokémon World Championships for Sword & Shield will receive free Pokémon.

How to get Victini in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

The Pokemon 2022 World Championships for Sword & Shield will be held in London this year. Those who are interested can attend the event in person or watch live streams of it online. The World Championship will feature exciting matches between the best players in the world.

To celebrate the 2022 Pokemon World Championships, The Pokemon Company is giving out Victini to all Pokemon Sword & Shield players. There is no catch to this offer, as all you need is access to the internet and a special code in order to get the Gen 5 Mythical Pokemon. Let’s get down to brass tacks and discover the finer points of acquiring Victini in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

This year’s finals will be held in London from August 18 to 21, giving the audience of video games much to do during their vacation to the city.

Participants can also pick up a free commemorative Sinistea during the event itself at designated times. A Galar, a Ghost-type Pokemon, is a wonderful present for Pokemon aficionados because it is so well suited to the city of London.

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How to get a free Victini at the Pokemon World Championships?

Anyone in the world who listens in to the live streams for Sword & Shield has a chance of winning a free Victini. This code is now known as W0RLD22V1CT0RY.

Simply input this code into the Mystery Gift section of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

According to the Pokemon Official Website, the Mythical Pokemon Victini will be obtainable via Sword & Shield passwords given during the live streams. From now until the end of the event on August 21, 2022, at 4:59 PM PDT, players can trade in their “Victory” Pokemon. A single Victini claim can be made per game copy.

The opportunity to obtain Victini is extremely thrilling for Galar players because it is one of the few Mythical Pokemon that is not available in the game’s base content or digital downloads. Since no further updates are planned for Sword & Shield at this time, this event represents one of the final chances for players to expand their game.

While not everyone will be able to bring their Sinister to Sword & Shield, supporters in the Galar region will be thrilled to celebrate the championships with an adorable and lively Victini.

Victini stats in Pokemon Sword & Shield

A level 50 Victini with a Starf Berry, which temporarily increases a Pokemon’s stats in battle, will be given to the player. Victini can perform the following moves with easiness:

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  • This move has 180 Power and is of the Fire type. Reduces the user’s base Speed, Special Defense, and Defense.

Zen Headbutt:

  • The power of this Psychic attack is 80. The intended victim can withdraw in fear.

Work Up:

  • Fortifies the user’s Attack and Special Attack stats and is of Normal type.

Flame Charge:

  • A 50-Power Fire-type attack. Increases the user’s Speed.


Sp Def130
Sp Atk130


  • This year, London will host the Pokemon 2022 World Championships for competitive Sword & Shield fights.
  • Livestreams will be available for anyone who cannot attend in person.
  • Anyone in the world who tunes in to a Sword & Shield Livestream has a chance to win a Victini on the house.
  • Before the event ends on August 21, 2022, at 4:59 PM PDT, players have the chance to swap their “Victory” Pokemon.
  • Each game copy is limited to a single Victini claim.

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