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How To Recover Deleted Facebook Ads 2022

Suppose you are confused by the hundreds of tutorials available on the internet on how to recover lost Facebook advertisements in 2022 and want to learn more. It will explain recovering lost Facebook advertisements and campaigns step by step.

May find remarkably detailed information about Facebook advertisements on the internet. Almost every subject is covered in minute detail, from pictures to step-by-step tutorials. There are very few topics that aren’t. One issue that doesn’t seem to receive much attention is recovering deleted Facebook ads from social media sites. Some of you may have come across this post because you were looking for directions on how to retrieve your previous ads when you arrived on this page. If that’s the case, you’re lucky since this guide will take you through each step.

What Are Facebook Ads

Businesses may choose to promote their goods on Facebook through adverts. In addition, using social networks may help companies reach out to those interested in their products or services.

To market your brand, you must create ads using the Facebook Ads Manager. If you made the error of deleting a Facebook advertising campaign, you’ve come to the perfect how to recover Facebook ads that have been accidentally deleted.

Delete your Facebook advertising since you will not recover your ads after being deleted. Once they have been deleted, they will no longer be available. However, according to Facebook, deleted ad campaigns on Facebook can still be seen and restored, except for ad metrics.

How to Recover Deleted Campaign on Facebook 2022

These simple methods will allow you to recover your deleted Facebook campaigns except ad metrics.

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Ads 2022
  • Logging into your Facebook account will take you to the Facebook Ads Manager page.
  • Go to the top left-hand side of the page and select Search and filter.
  • Delivery can be accessed under the Filters menu, followed by Ad Delivery.
  • Select ‘Deleted’ from the drop-down option, click the Apply button, and save.
  • You can now view all of your deleted ad campaigns, select the one you want to restore, and click the Edit button to continue.
  • The details of the ad will display on the new screen. Can select a duplicate from the ‘three horizontal dots’ option.
  • In the pop-up box, select the original campaign and then click Duplicate.
  • This method is simple and effective for recovering a Facebook Deleted Ad Campaign.
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We hope you’ve found this information to be informative. If you are using Facebook Ads and have discovered that .. accidentally deleted your ad, we hope it will be simple to retrieve it through your account settings. You must take caution while deleting something on Facebook to keep your accounts safe.

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