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Where is Hawthorne in Destiny 2?

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Where is Hawthorne in Destiny 2?

The location of Hawthorne in Destiny 2 is right here. In conclusion, the non-player character Suraya Hawthrone can be encountered at the Tower. Suraya is located in the Tower’s Bazaar sector, between the Drifter and the Warlock Vanguard, Ikora Rey. Locate Hawthorne in the Bazaar area of the Tower, as shown below, for a chat.

Clan Steward Hawthrone will offer a wide range of goods and services to Tower residents. The first is the distribution of Super Energy and Heavy ammo to the Fireteam through the purchase of Raid flags. She offers weekly rewards in addition to the normal Raid Boosts. Once the bounty is claimed, you will receive Legendary engrams as a reward.

You will need at least a thousand Glimmer to buy the weekly bounty. Glimmer is readily available in Destiny 2, thankfully. Killing enemies and finishing tasks is the best way to accumulate Glimmer. Spend your Glimmer on the Weekly Bounty once you’re ready to get started on it.

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What planet is Hawthorne on?

Female human sharpshooter Suraya Hawthorne ran away from the Last City when she was a teenager. Having worked closely with the Vanguard during the Red War, she has now made her home at the brand-new Farm in the European Dead Zone. As soon as the Last City was taken back, Hawthorne moved back into the Tower. The tower is the planet’s final line of defense against alien invaders.

How do you get a clan banner in Destiny 2?

Go meet Suraya Hawthorne (and her bird Louis) in the Tower to receive your Clan Banner once you’ve joined a Clan. Placed in an available inventory slot, this should quickly start yielding benefits. You must travel to Hawthorne in order to get your Clan rewards.

Where is the tower bazaar in Destiny 2?

On top of the wall that protects the Last City stands a landmark called “The Tower.” It serves as both the headquarters for the Vanguard and the home for the Guardians.

While the ancient Tower, destroyed at the beginning of the Red War by Dominus Ghaul and his Red Legion, was being rebuilt, the Vanguard set up facilities atop the walls’ ramparts. The view of the revived Traveler from the top of the rebuilt Tower is breathtaking.

Where is Suraya Hawthorne in the tower?

You may find the Clan Steward, Suraya Hawthorne, in the Tower Market. While her primary objective is to hand over your Clan banner and reward you for your participation in Clan activities, she will sell you various 200-power goods for a few Glimmer.

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